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Scuff Repair in Vancouver, WA

Car scuffs typically occur on the corners of plastic front and rear bumpers, but other areas of your vehicle can be scuffed. No doubt they are an eyesore. Contact us for a free paint scuff repair estimate and to see why we are the premier auto body repair shop in Hazel Dell for paint scuff repair.

We are:

  • AAA Certified
  • I-Car Certified

Light scuff repair

We can perform superficial scuff repair (upon inspection) by using high speed buffers to apply special compounds and polishes.

Large scuff repair

For large deep scuffs that affect a large area, repainting the whole body part may be the best solution to achieve the best finish and appearance. If that’s the case, we will thoroughly sand the entire area, perfectly color match the body panel, and use a high-quality paint to ensure a brand-new look that blends seamlessly with the other body panels.

Contact us today for an inspection and estimate for your scuff repair in Hazel Dell, WA.

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